InstructorMicah Yost
TypeOnsite Course
DateOct 8, 2016

Class Description

A lot of people are talking about leadership these days. From the boardroom to the church, everyone is looking for leaders. But what exactly is a leader? That, it seems, is often difficult to define. Further, if we don’t know what leadership is, how are going to find it? How can we expect to hit a target that we can’t identify?

This course is designed first to define leadership and why it’s needed. Secondly, we’ll work to understand the framework of what makes a great leader. Finally, we’ll want to understand how we develop our own leadership skills. This framework of this course will also be helpful for those desiring to develop leadership in others.

Class Day

  • Saturday, October 8, 2016 (8:00AM-5:00PM)

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Instructor Bio

Micah lives in Omaha with his wife, Amee, and two awesome kids. He spent 6 years in full time ministry, which are still some of his favorite adventures. Today, Micah is an area small business and startup mentor. He spends much of his time as the Vice President at Sightglass Capital where he leads Sightglass Labs, a brand strategy and design team. He’s invested in companies like Aromas Coffee House and Gear Supply Co and he’s written a brief book titled, “Rhythm: How To Make Great Things Happen”. Micah has an undergraduate degree in music business with a masters degree in business as well.

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