InstructorDave Pugh
TypeOnsite Course

Class Description

This class will answer the question “What does the Bible teach us about any given topic?” Instead of reading the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation and studying each passage that teaches about a given topic, you could read a book like Wayne Grudem’s Bible Doctrine to get a more focused explanation. Think of it as viewing the Bible from 30,000 feet rather than studying it verse by verse. We will be studying the following doctrines: The Authority & Inerrancy of the Bible; The Clarity, Necessity, and Sufficiency of the Bible; The Incommunicable & Communicable Attributes of God; The Trinity; Creation; God’s Providence; Prayer; and Angels, Satan & Demons. Two things I promise: after this class, you will have a very good understanding of these major doctrines concerning God, and we will have FUN!

Class Days

  • Saturday, April 2,, 2016 (8:30AM-12:00PM)
  • Saturday, April 23, 2016 (8:30AM-12:00PM)
  • Saturday, May 14, 2016 (8:30AM-12:00PM)
  • Saturday, June 4, 2016 (8:30AM-12:00PM)


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Instructor Bio

Dave Pugh has been attending Citylight for about 2 ½ years. Before that he and his wife attended Christ Community Church for almost 30 years where he taught sixth grade and Jr. High kids for almost 2 decades. He has lead a City Group for several years and over the last year he has been leading about a dozen young men (in their 20’s) through Wayne Grudem’s “Systematic Theology” book. He and his wife JoAnne have two children Ryan 20 & Sarah 17.

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