Get a Diploma  

Would you like to get 80 hours of Biblical training under your belt?

If you go through the program and become a Citylight School graduate you will have received 80 hours of Bible training and in turn accelerated your love for God, long-term spiritual growth, and leadership equipping. With this training you can develop into someone who is prepared and equipped to invest in others, lead a City Group or ministry team, or become a future elder or church planter.

What is required? 

In order to receive a diploma you must successfully complete 6 Core classes (each 8 weeks long) and 4 Elective classes (one-day only). We’ve set up the calendar to allow you to get a diploma in 2 years. But, you can go at your own pace and customize your own track.

Diploma Track Example:

Year One

Jan/Feb: Old Testament
March/April: How To Study The Bible
Summer: Biblical Masculinity & Womanhood (Elective)
August/September: New Testament
October/November: Discipleship

Year Two

Jan/Feb:Theology of God and The Bible
March/April: Theology of Christ, Man, and Redemption
Summer: Living on Mission (Elective)
August/September: Engaging Culture (Elective)
October/November: Gospel-Centered Marriage (Elective)

Will I get credit for courses taken previously? 

If you took a course in Fall 2015 or Spring 2016 (before we created the diploma track) you will get credit toward a Citylight School diploma!

Can I transfer credit? 

No, you can’t transfer credit to a Bible college or seminary. Though Citylight School will serve as a great stepping stone for those wanting to go on to a Bible college or seminary, this school was created to give the average church member an opportunity to receive great Bible training at an affordable cost.

Audit Option 

You have the option of auditing every Citylight School course. Doing so will allow you to learn and engage from the lectures without any additional requirements. This option is meant to “get you in the door,” remove the “fear factor,” or give you the opportunity to take a class during a busy season when you would otherwise say “no” to the opportunity.

Please note that if you audit a course you still have to pay the full course tuition and will not be able to receive credit toward a Citylight School diploma.

Course Options  

Core Courses

  • Theology of God and The Bible 
  • Theology of Christ, Man, and Redemption
  • How To Study The Bible 
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Discipleship

Elective Courses 

  • Theology of the Gospel
  • Christian Ethics
  • Living on Mission
  • Engaging Culture
  • Biblical Masculinity & Womanhood
  • Biblical Communication
  • Integrating Faith & Work
  • Activating Leadership
  • Serving the Poor
  • Gospel-Centered Marriage
  • Gospel-Centered Parenting