The Advantages

Whether you are a church member wanting to get equipped to follow Jesus in all areas of your life or you are someone who has plans to attend Bible college or seminary and want to develop a deeper understanding of God, we would highly encourage you to become a student at Citylight School. Here are some of the advantages of joining Citylight School:


It’s for everyone, not just ministry nerds. The reading material, teaching, and class discussions are designed specifically with the average church member in mind.


You can take classes whenever you want. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, college student, or in the workplace, you can take as many classes as you want whenever you want.


We won’t put you into debt. You can take up to five classes per year which will cost you less than a new iPhone! A typical seminary class will cost you $900 for just one class.


You don’t have to learn on your own. Each class will have a few cohort meetings. This means that students will be meeting with a group of 3-4 men or women every other week to process what they are learning, ask questions, and receive encouragement and support.


It won’t be over-bearing on your schedule. You’ll be able to select an 8-week course (which gathers every other week) or a one-day elective course if you don’t have the time to ta


Less information, more application. We are intentionally reducing content to allow you to put into practice what you are learning. In addition, Citylight School will operate under the oversight of local church leaders and practitioners with the goal of seeing students integrate what they are learning into their ministry context.

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